MissionCIT Team

Captain Peter Morotto
Captain Peter MorottoFounder | Fire Service Practicepmorotto@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Peter Morotto leads the MissionCIT Fire Service Training Practice while serving as a recruiting coordinator for the CT fire academy and is an adjunct instructor for both the Fairfield and Wolcott fire schools... click on name for full profile
Jason Decremer, PhD
Jason Decremer, PhDFounder | Testing & Strategy Practicejdecremer@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Jason was the director of Certification for ... responsible for over 40 levels of national certification testing.... click on name for full profile
Lt. Jeff Pinckney
Lt. Jeff PinckneyFounder | EMS Practicejpinckney@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
A Paramedic and Fire Service Lieutenant, Jeff holds CT EMS-I instructor certifications in numerous EMS disciplines ... click on name for full profile
Warren Fisher
Warren FisherFounder | CEOwfisher@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Warren currently serves as full-time CEO while guiding the technology and content development platforms for MissionCIT. ... click on name for full profile.
Captain Lisa Burton
Captain Lisa BurtonMaine Regional Directorlburton@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Lisa Burton joined the fire service in 2010 and volunteers as a Captain with Castine Fire Rescue Department in Castine, Maine. She is a Shipboard Fire Instructor for Maine Maritime Academy and a State Fire Instructor with Maine Fire Service Institute. ... click on name for full profile.
Chief Frank Edwards
Chief Frank EdwardsSr. Director Testing & Strategy Practicefedwards@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Frank has more than 35 years of experience in the emergency services field. He has held the positions of firefighter up to fire chief in both career and combination (paid/volunteer) fire/EMS departments serving 30,000 up to 250,000 population. click on name for full profile
Chief Rob Clemons
Chief Rob ClemonsExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practicechiefrobclemons@gmail.com
Chief Rob Clemons has over 32 years of career experience and eight years of volunteer experience in fire and rescue services. He is an instructor for the International Association of Fire Chiefs... click on name for full profile
Chief Keith Brower
Chief Keith BrowerExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practicebyfisher17@gmail.com
Chief W. Keith Brower, Jr. retired from the Loudoun County, VA Combined Fire, and Rescue Service (LC-CFRS) in 2018, following 45 years of career and volunteer service. He was appointed as the County Fire Chief in 2010. click on name for full profile
Mark Waters, M.S., EFO
Mark Waters, M.S., EFOExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy PracticeMark.Waters@ct.gov
Mark is a Battalion Chief / Shift Commander for the City of New London Connecticut Fire Department and a Program Planner with the Connecticut Fire Academy. .. click on name for full profile.
Brian Elliott
Brian ElliottExecutive Staff | Business Developmentbelliott@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
Brian currently serves as a firefighter with the West Haven, CT. fire department and as a part-time paramedic supervisor with Valley EMS. His public safety career spans the last 27 years, from volunteer to career, in both fire and EMS. . ... click on name for full profile
    Douglass Coy
    Douglass CoyExecutive Staff | Business Developmentdcoy@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
    Doug has served the past 28 years as a Firefighter for the City of Bridgeport and is currently on Ladder 10 D-shift. He also worked for Ansonia Rescue Medical Services as an EMT for 28 years ... click on name for full profile
      Carina Fischer, MS
      Carina Fischer, MSExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practicecarina.fischer@gmail.com
      Carina is a certified Industrial Organizational Practitioner with over 14 years of experience with psycho-metric evaluations and counseling. As part of her work, cognitive and personality assessment ... click on name for full profile.
      Jess Acetta, EMS-I
      Jess Acetta, EMS-IInstructor | EMS Practicejacetta@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
      Jess works as an EMT firefighter for private and volunteer companies for almost a decade. Additionally, Jess has deployed with the FEMA response team and specializes in aviation search, rescue, recovery, and teaching with the Coast Guard Aux.. ... click on name for full profile
        Dr. David J. Hendricks, MD
        Dr. David J. Hendricks, MD Executive Staff | Medical Advisorinfo@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
        Dr. Hendricks is board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and board-eligible for certification in addiction medicine ... click on name for full profile.
        Karen McQuaid
        Karen McQuaidExecutive Staff | Strategy Practiceinfo@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
        Karen is a passionate and lifelong volunteer and volunteer advocate. She has 17 years of experience in the emergency service field... click on name for full profile
        Captain Nick Esposito
        Captain Nick EspositoFire Service Instructorinfo@dev-lsws.missioncit.com
        Nick Esposito – is a second-generation firefighter and currently serves as the Captain of the Bridgeport FD Rescue Company and teaches on the regional and national level. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and has published articles related to aerial apparatus operations and building construction.